The Munster Summer Cup is an annual tennis tournament, open to clubs affiliated with Tennis Ireland. It will run from 18/07 to 05/09, 2021. As with the Winter League, club members elect to play for the duration of the competition season. The competition is specifically for doubles. Each fixture will have four (4) people playing, however teams can have lists of substitutions, so team members can either elect to play in all, some, or remain as a reserve player, depending on availability. Pairs or individuals can rotate from week to week, thereby giving everyone a chance to play. Clubs can submit teams for men’s, women’s, or mixed doubles. Some matches are hosted at your own club’s courts, whilst teams will also travel to opposing clubs, other weekends. It should be emphasised matches may be with clubs anywhere in Munster. All participants are of similar grades, so matches are competitive, with and against people of your ability.

If any club members are interested in participating, or have questions, please email . The club will only field teams if sufficient interest is forthcoming. Hazelwood Tennis Club has a wonderful history, as regards both summer and winter tournaments. We encourage all members to get involved. If unsure, please speak with other members who have taken part in previous years. These events have been some of the most enjoyable in the club's history.

The full list of tournament rules can be found here (click to download).